Meditations & Visualizations

Personalized Totem Mandala

I created this mandala for a shamanic practitioner friend, Kara, who writes the Conduit of Joy blog site. The overall composition of the animal guardians and guides, their projection upon constellations and their general spatial locations were given to me during a recent journey. Each animal revealed itself as I "looked around" within the journey space. Returning with this basic map, I proceeded to create a unique mandala attuned to Kara.

The animal spirits include a panther, an owl, a raven, a lemur, an Egyptian scarab beetle and a lunar moth. Kara, as Durga, rides a lion of power and mastery.

By journeying to each animal spirit and/or by meditating on the locations (quadrant or compass direction) where the animal spirits reside in the mandala, Kara will be able to uncover deeper information of timely, personal significance. One thing that strikes me immediately is how many of the animals have "big eyes" - embodying / symbolizing night vision or acuity of vision?? I think this is certainly a clear message about her shamanic skills! The position of the Milky Way as the horizon line which inter-connects the Owl and the Jaguar is also significant in that this positions the "Dark Road" of the Mayan ancestors on the left near the Owl.

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