Meditations & Visualizations

Shaman's Dream Newsletter

As a new activity this year, I will be writing and sending out a newsletter every New Moon with my spiritual and shamanic musings, meditations, visualizations and so forth. My goal is to be informative and to share understandings - not to try to convince you of my truths, not because I know something that you do not. Rather, I will be sharing with you so that you too may remember / construct your own stories, your own visions and dreams. Your own truths to live by. Like a Zen teacher, I can only point in a general direction and hope, by this action, to assist you in remembering to open your own inner eye of wisdom and heart of compassion. As each person changes, the world is transformed from illusion to a Pure Land. May each of us be guided and blessed.

Note: the pdfs are each saved as one long page (no screen page breaks). When loaded into your pdf viewer, zoom in to normal text size, then scroll as needed.

Updates to this newsletter are no longer being sent out. Special thanks to The Healing Center and Hearts of Light Institute for their past support.

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