Meditations & Visualizations

Sending Healing Light

This visualization is used to send healing light to specific people, organizations, geographic areas and so forth which may be in need of en-lightening (illumination) and compassion.

Begin by breathing in the light (from above and below, as in the Chakra Breathing) into your heart center. Allow this to merge and rotate clockwise. On the out breath, project this spinning disk of light out from your heart chakra and towards the "target". The light disk can be rotated en-route horizontally (like a spinning galaxy edge-on) so that it's spiraling arms embrace and sweep around the destination.

Repeat this breath-by-breath for as long as you feel is appropriate. Always hold the intention of "gifting" Divine light and healing energy.

Destinations can be changed between breaths. Sometimes, working from the local area and "spreading out" larger/farther with succeeding breaths seems to a natural path to undertake.

Remember that there is no time or space for inter-dimensional energy work. So your out breath should be able to "reach" any destination (on Earth or in the heavens) with ease.

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