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Chakra Balancing Meditation

This meditation visualization practice is used to clear and re-balance one's chakras and energy body.

The basic visualization is to breathe light in simultaneously from above (the heavens) and below (the earth) - through your crown and feet - meeting at the specific chakra you are currently clearing. Begin with the Root chakra and work your way up to the Crown chakra, one by one. As you breathe, visualize the flow passing along your central energy channels, meeting at the specific chakra and intermixing in a clockwise spiral rotation. As you exhale, let the mixed light fill your body while the chakra continues to spin.

Use your intuitive vision to sense when the chakra is no longer cloudy, but begins to radiate a pure color. When cleared, move on to the next higher chakra. (It could take several breaths or even a few minutes per chakra to achieve clarity.)

Most people vision the chakras using the standard Hindu/Tibetan/Inka "ROY G. BIV" scheme (Base=red, Sacral=orange, Solar Plexus=yellow, Heart=green, Throat=blue, Third Eye=Indigo, Crown=violet, or alternatively, white). Feel free to use whatever colors are natural to your existing practice.

Many folks have asked about the proper way to visualize rotation of the chakra energies. In Inka Light Body work, clockwise rotation is for energizing and counter-clockwise is for clearing. However, in this meditation, I recommend keeping it simple and sticking with clockwise (energizing) rotation. Note, this rotation is envisioned from the perspective of facing the chakra head-on from in front of yourself - as if someone was working externally on your chakras. (This creates a counter-intuitive counter-clockwise rotation as "seen" from within your body. But recall, this is but a mirror inversion image of the actual movement.)

In my own practice, the energy from the heavens is envisioned to be red. The energy from Mother Earth is envisioned to be blue. They mix into a iridescent white light within the chakra, acting to energize and clean the chakra's own vibratory color.

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