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Bodhichitta Heart Meditation

This is a core visualization within Buddhist Bodhichitta practice, especially for those devoted to the Bodhisattva path, which combines deep compassion and insight so as to free all beings from suffering and dispel the delusion of ego-Maya, thereby helping to bring about a true Bliss World. (It is sometimes referred to as the "Giving and Taking" practice. It is an advanced meditation which should be undertaken only by those who feel the urgent need to serve the world as a Bodhisattva. You must be certain that you can fully dispel and transmute negative energies accessed in this meditation!

Recall the Hum-Sa meditation described previously. A similar in-and-out breath sequence is used, but this time, focus on breathing directly into the heart chakra (not through your crown). The Hum-Sa mantra seed sounds can be utilized with each breath. However, in this meditation, the energies envisioned are different: on the in-breath, bring into your heart chakra all of the pain, suffering, delusion (etc.) that you can withstand. At the still moment of breath (between in and out) realize that this energy has been transmuted back into primordial light, stripped of "good" or "bad" qualities, rather simply full of pure potential. Now, on the out-breath, this potential becomes the clear golden light of compassion and Divine love, radiating outward back to the original "target" source of negative energy. Repeat in/out sequence a few times for each "target" source.

Traditionally, this meditation begins with visualizing those close to you (such as your lover, your family), then moves outward to your friends and circle of acquaintances. This circle continues to expand to embrace your enemies and those you do not like or care not to know about. Finally, the"target" source includes all sentient beings.

Over time, this meditation builds true compassion within your self based upon the "easy-to-access" love of family, eventually to grow into a more complete compassion for all living things.

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